Ace Your Next Phone Interview

Many job seekers find phone screenings the biggest hurdle to overcome in the interview process. And the facts bear this out. According to one estimate, up to 90% of all candidates fail a phone screening.

In this lesson, I share three ways to nail your next phone interview.

Key Takeaways

  • In general, phone interviews are designed to weed out weak candidates, not to find strong ones. The employer is looking to see if you'll disqualify yourself. So it's always best to play it safe.
  • Keep your responses and answers short and concise. The phone interview is about basic information gathering, not about prolonged discussion.
  • The phone interview is often conducted by someone other than the hiring manager. This means the interviewer may not be familiar with the job, beyond what is included in the job description.
  • Want to sound great on the phone? Sit up, smile, and wear business attire!


Your homework for this lesson is to find a comfortable, quiet place in your home where you can do a phone interview. Know where you’re going to position yourself when you get that call; don’t wait until the phone rings!

I also want you to practice your professional phone voice. We talk on the phone so little these days! Next time you talk to a friend, ask them to run through a quick mock interview. Even just a couple of questions will help with phone anxiety!

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