What Are the Job Interview Essentials?

Many people--even the most talented, qualified, and accomplished professionals--struggle with the interview process. That’s because the skills it takes to do the job and to get the interview are really different from the ones you need to succeed in the interview itself.

The interview is its own ballgame and you need a great game plan if you want to win.

The good news is that you don't need to be a savant to become a better interviewer. Good interviews are all about the basics. The difference between failure and success comes down to a few basic basic principles and tactics. But I’ve found that most job seekers don’t do the simple things that really improve their chances of getting hired. So if you know and execute these practices it puts you well ahead of the competition in any job interview.

And that’s exactly why I created Job Interview Essentials. The name of the course really says it all. These are the essentials--the simple things you must do to succeed in job interviews.

Key Takeaways

  • Job interviews are the single-most important part of the hiring process. If you don't interview well, you'll struggle to land jobs even for which you are qualified.
  • The interview process is an imperfect tool for finding the best talent--and everyone knows it!
  • If you understand the underlying dynamics and logic of the interview process, you'll get better at landing job offers.

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