How to Wow and Woo Employers Online

A free video course on how to use social media to find and get your dream job.

Using social media to find your next job means more than checking a company's Twitter account for a job opening.

You also need an online strategy for your job hunt. A plan that lets you make the most of the power of social media to find jobs online while presenting yourself in the most professional way possible.

What will Google say about you?

Too many job seekers today don't pay attention to what they've done and said online. And that's a problem. As many as 80% of companies admit checking out job candidates online.

Have you deleted those indiscreet photos from your cousin's wedding yet? (By all means, remove those pictures now).

But employers today do more than glance at your last few Facebook posts or Tweets. You can expect some hiring managers to comb through page after page of all your social media accounts, including that long forgotten MySpace page from high school.

Are you ready for that kind of scrutiny?

How will you stand out in a crowd of applicants?

Looking good online isn't just about your personal reputation. You have to think about your professional profile, too.

Do you regularly share industry news via LinkedIn? Do you blog about trends in your sector? Your competitors may do these things. Why don't you?

Create an online presence so good employers can't ignore you.

Many job candidates think paying attention to social media during a job search means taking down silly pictures. That's just the first step.

We can show you how to use social media to find and get a job you can love. This free, three-part course offers our best and most practical advice for how to use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other social channels in your job search.

For 15 years at Mac's List we have run one of the largest and successful regional job boards in the country. And through our blog, podcast, events and books, we have helped thousands of creative people find rewarding, meaningful work.

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Your Instructor

Mac Prichard
Mac Prichard

I'm the founder and publisher of Mac's List, a job board based in Portland, Oregon, that's dedicated to helping Pacific Northwest professionals succeed in the hiring process. Since 2001, I've helped thousands of professionals find meaningful, rewarding work and build careers that matter. I write extensively about the topic of job hunting, and have authored two books, "Land Your Dream Job in Portland (and Beyond)" and "Land Your Dream Job Anywhere." I also host the weekly podcast "Find Your Dream Job."

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"The 'How to Wow and Woo Employers Online' course is great! I'm currently in a job transition and Mac's List is a valuable resource."

Perry Jaqua, Course Student

"Thank you for putting together the 'How to Wow and Woo Employers Online' course. I am finding it very helpful and informative."

Mike Cebula, Course Student

"I just finished the three lessons on LinkedIn. Lots of great information packed into bite-size pieces. I just gave my job search an enormous boost!"

Wendy Marsh, Course Student

"I'm watching your video series and am enjoying the content and pointers on how to improve my online profile. You've highlighted a few areas that I need to update, like using the first-person and focusing on keywords. Thank you so much!"

Dave M., Course Student

"I’m going through the ‘Wow and Woo’ course right now and finding it incredibly valuable. Thanks for all the great info!"

Emily Logan, Course Student

"I'm working my way through the Mac's List online course and I'm really enjoying it. Thank you for all that you and your team do!"

Michelle Jorgensen, Course Student

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How much does this course cost?
This course is 100% free! Seriously.
Isn't Mac's List based in Portland? Are these job search tactics specific to Portland?
Yes, we are based in Portland. No, these job tactics are NOT specific to Portland or any other city for that matter. These are used across the country.

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